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  1. High accuracy, stable quality, long service life, and high strength lower cost compare with copper electrodes(decreased about 25-30%).
  2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  3. Special treatment of anti-oxidation dramatically increase service life span at least 2 times more than common anti-oxidation treatment. (national PATENT)
    4. High thermal stability for strict working conditions(dramatic performance of anti-shock-chilling)
  4. Low ash content.
  5. Anti-acid and alkali resistant, high chemical stability, prolong service life
  6. Anti-stain, high purity and density.
  7. ISO-9001:2000  TUV & SGS testing report can be provided according to customer’s requirements

Compressive Strength: 80MPA   Flexural Strength:39MPA

Bulk Density:1.85g/cm3         Ash Content: 50ppm/ 500ppm

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Product Description

Compared with Traditional Copper Electrode for EDM Industry

  1. Production Cost: Cost of isostatic graphite is 25% lower compared with the same volume of copper electrodes.
  2. .Easy to process: the machining speed is 3-5 tims faster than copper electrode’s, and the surface is smooth. Electric Discharge processing speed is 1/3 -2times faster than the copper electrode’s, and specially for rough machining.
  3. Machining Accuracy: good machining precision, and the C.T.E is 1/4 of copper’s.
  4. Low Weight: the density of graphite is only 1/5 of copper’s, it’s more suitable to produce larger electrode to make giant parts.

About processing and production

With high performance of Numerical Control Machining Center Lathe any size special shape can be processed according to drawing, and a diversity of high quality material available.

Any size, shape and specifications according to drawing and customer’s requirements.

Quality control and after-sales

  1. Strict quality control system, ensuring only qualified cargo can be delivered, dual QC system applied during our processing, each worker is also an inspector for previous working process, and final quality confirmation from QC department.
  2. High frequency of checking, sampling, and analysis during production, and reliable factory inspection report to be issued before shipment by our own lab.
  3. After sales system, including quality assurance, after sales service, and quality problem solving to achieve long term co-operation.


As electrode for Electrical Discharge Machine injection mold.

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