What to Choose Between Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

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Both carbon fiber and fiber glass are renowned, reinforced materials. Both are famous for their massive tensile strength within the boundaries of composites. However, they have been used by the chopped carbon fiber manufacturer for different reputations and various applications.

Fiberglass has been considered as an inexpensive material. Cheap structural components, boat building, and drainage items make up some of the necessary applications for the article. On the flip side, carbon fiber has become interchangeable with high performance and speed. It is often observed on passenger jets, race cars, and other engineered solutions. In the ambience of 3D printing, both fiberglass and carbon fiber are top-notch fibers which can boost engineering parts. To explore which is best suited for continuous reinforcement metal for your application, keep reading:


Fiberglass is manufactured through inorganic silica sand, put into extremely high temperature and structured into amorphous ultra-fine fibrous strands. These massively thin and long strands of glass comprise of excessively high tensile strength. A fiber manufacturer can make 3D print two different varieties concerning fiberglass:

  • High-Strength High-Temperature (HSHT) fiberglass
  • Normal Fiberglass

Reinforcement alongside continuous fiberglass strands might be essential fiber. However, fiberglass has the capacity to generate an incredible printed part improvement. Printed component with fiberglass continual reinforcement fiber is 20 times strong and ten times stiff as far as tension is concerned. In contrast, HSHT fiberglass is the best for the replacement of mission-critical machined aluminum components. Having superior flexural strength and heat resistance, second to carbon fiber only, HSHT has a cost-effective solution concerning continuous reinforcement. Both variants of fiberglass are amorphous. They offer solutions for RF-base and many other industrial applications. All these applications need impact and heat resistance.

Carbon Fiber

On the other hand, carbon fiber is made up of natural polymers, processes at comparatively low temperature. However, they go through a complex mechanical, thermal and chemical processes. Also, they are crystalline. The outcome material has got one of the elevated strength-weight ratios – higher than titanium and steel both. In 3D printing, carbon black manufacturer uses continuous fiber of choice for hardness. Carbon fiber continuous reinforcement is usually used by a chopped carbon fiber manufacturer to create specialty tooling and conformal fixtures. The purpose of creation is for some of the prestigious and largest global business via one-off end-use components for high-end motorsport uses.

Wrap Up

As we observed above, each black carbon manufacturer provides numerous applications and advantages. Reach out to the expert for taking advice for your particular task.

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