Continuous Casting Die Mold - Amorphous Graphite

DingliGraphite offers an extensive range of amorphous graphite products for your entire metal melting needs. We are in this regard also able to manufacture and deliver custom made graphite crucible and other graphite products upon your request. These continuous casting die mold are carefully designed and manufactured to melt different kinds of metals like aluminum, copper, silver, and gold. In the majority of the cases, we use these crucibles for melting different group metals. These crucibles are a wonderful source of supplying to our prestigious clients from all over the world. Our primary goal is to provide an extensive range of products without compromising on quality.

In our industry, we are the premium suppliers and manufacturers of graphite continuous casting die mold for our clients from all over the world. Continuous casting is a method for casting which is used in larger production volumes for the metals with a constant cross-section. This particular method used an open-ended graphite die which is severely encircled by a jacket containing the copper through which the molten metal is naturally poured.

Graphite continuous casting die mold is widely consumed in plenty of other continuous castings. These die molds are mainly produced out of the graphite. In these types of applications, different types of graphite are used and molded. At DingliGraphite, we strive to provide best amorphous graphite based components for regular casting applications. We manufacture these items and later onwards print it or in different situations can efficiently reverse as per your demands and requirements.

Apart from manufacturing other graphite based products, we at DingliGraphite are renowned for making and producing carbon fiber graphite fiber. Both of these graphite based products are widely constructed and distributed in different countries with our clients giving satisfactory responses about our services and product.

A carbon fiber is a fibrous carbon made with an acrylic material or from the oil and then is further processed through a treatment of heat. The most useful reason to use this particular fiber is mainly due to the fact that its light weight and much higher in stiffness in comparison to the other traditional metal materials. Similarly, a graphite fiber is a carbon fiber comprising of synthetic graphite for which x-ray diffraction mostly confirms a three-dimensional crystalline order. For many years, we have been efficiently making carbon fiber graphite fiber for our clients with our clients asking us to make customized fibers as per the according and needs.

We can assure you that our products are reliable and safe without ignoring the fact that quality matters the most. With that being said, our graphite heater is also popular demand product asked by our clients. Our amorphous graphite ensures that standard power input towards each and every zone of the susceptor is efficiently achieved by differing either or both the complete power level and the amount of power is changed to a specific zone of the coil during each and every power distribution of the cycle system.

We provide not only high quality products, but also excellent service and technical support.




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We(JINZHOU DAYE CARBON CO.,LTD.) we have been in the line of Special Carbon and Graphite products for about 20years, with stable quality and honest attitude, a good reputation in domestic and overseas market obtained, also once cooperation started, long term relation established. In order to expand our business scope, we established DINGLI (TIANJIN) EXPORT& IMPORT CO., LTD. in Tianjin taking the convenience of port and advantage of free trade policies, to explore deep business opportunities in overseas market. We have advanced processing equipment such as high accuracy NCMC lathe, CNC milling machine, cutting machine, sawing equipment and so on, and our own lab to do basic test and analysis including fixed carbon, sulfur, ash content, electric resistance and etc.
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